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    Sean Griffiths appointed as Professor of Architecture at the University of
    fake ray bans Westminster

    The University of Westminster has appointed Sean Griffiths as Professor of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

    Professor Griffiths, a founder member of the architecture studio Fashion Architecture Taste (FAT), has enjoyed a long association with the Department of Architecture at Westminster, initially as a student and more recently as a teacher and researcher.

    The appointment strengthens the Department of Architecture’s commitment to educating students for practice, and to the recognition of practice as research. Part of Griffiths’s remit in his new
    discount ray bans role will be to integrate practice activities into the educational ethos of the University of Westminster’s postgraduate architecture courses.

    In addition to this, Griffiths will play a pivotal role in setting up workshops and lectures by prominent Westminster alumni currently involved in a variety of types of practice, including innovative architecture, journalism, property development and film. The aim of these workshops is to demonstrate, by example, the great potential that an architectural education offers.

    Professor Katharine Heron, Head of Westminster’s Department of Architecture said: "Sean’s achievement as a practitioner and teacher is fantastic and his appointment offers very exciting new possibilities for students and colleagues. We want to continue to explore and demonstrate the enormous potential that a broad and innovative architectural education can offer students for a
    cheap ray ban outlet variety of forms of practice including that of being an architect."

    Sean Griffiths said: "I’m particularly pleased that the Professorship is at the University of Westminster, which was the springboard for the formation of FAT and has been a fantastic workshop for ideas that have found their way into my practice work, a process that will no doubt continue.

    "In my
    fake ray bans new role I want to highlight alternative forms of practice, exemplified by firms such as FAT, which emerged from the University of Westminster, as well as draw attention to the huge variety of activities that a number of prominent former students currently undertake, in fields such as fine art, journalism, property development, social activism and arts consultancy. This is particularly important in light of the ongoing debate about the value of architectural education."

    In 2015, Griffiths will take part in a major exhibition, curated by David Thorp, at the University’s Ambika P3 exhibition space. The working title is ‘Potential Architectures’ and it will also include commissions of new work from Alexander Brodsky, Joar Nango and Apolonija uteri. The exhibition will be preceded by a Symposium in April 2014, which will include contributions by the exhibition participants and others.

    For further information, please contact:

    Sarah Evans Toyne, Lianne Robinson or Chiara BarrecaTelephone: +44(0) 20 7726 6111

    About the University of Westminster:

    The University of Westminster boasts a vibrant learning environment attracting more than 20,000 students from over 150 nations and we continue to invest in our future with new developments, research projects and new ideas.

    We offer highly attractive practice based courses which are independently rated as excellent, many with international recognition. Our distinguished 175 year history has meant we lead the way in many areas of research, particularly politics, media, art and design, architecture and biomedical sciences, and our position in the city of London allows us to continue to build on our close connections with leading figures and organisations in these areas as well as in the worlds of business, information technology, politics and law.

    Our commitment to educating graduates for the needs of professional life attracts high quality students from within the UK and around the globe.

    Internationalisation, employability and sustainability are key elements in the University of Westminster’s vision for the future and we strive to ensure the very highest standards are met and maintained.Articles Connexes:

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    10 Photos Capturing Moments of Spontaneous Badassery

    It’s easy to look badass with careful planning: Whether it’s entering a prize fight, acting in intense action scenes with the benefit of careful choreography or just waiting for the crowd to gather before you jump
    wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet your dirt bike over 16 flaming tigers, the common thread is always planning and forethought. It’s a lot harder to come off as a total badass in the heat of the moment, with no warning, no setup and no pretense. Hard, but not impossible:

    Mildly Amused Riot Guy

    Clearly, there is some serious shit going down in the foreground of this photo: an altercation, an argument, a dramatic scene or a hurried arrest. It’s hard to
    michael kors handbags outlet tell exactly what’s going on, but two things are certain: It happened suddenly and it is violently intense. But that smooth bastard in the background is wholly unfazed: He’s just there, enjoying his beverage and the kind of cool breeze that only three unclasped shirt buttons can afford. If he’s feeling anything at all, it’s sure not shock. Mostly
    fake Michael kors handbags outlet likely he’s just appreciating the brief entertainment that Frank Stallone trying to forcibly gift wrap Corey Haim to death has provided, before he has to go have sex with yet another supermodel on yet another yacht racing
    Michael Kors handbags off yet another waterfall. Tedious.

    New in Men’s Fashion: Rocket Launchers

    A good fashion sense is nothing if you don’t know how to accessorize. Sure, this guy is looking slick in his leather boots, black jeans, frog enclosure sweater, gray parka and ivy cap. But what really makes this outfit are the fireman’s gloves, RPG and riot shield. But while you’re busy just marveling at
    Michael Kors handbags outlet the casual, tongue stuck out with a kind of good humored exertion expression of this armed to the teeth rioter, you’re missing two important facts. One: Riots are
    michael kors handbags outlet not like playing action figures at your friends house; equal weaponry is not distributed to all participants. He took that RPG and riot shield from a police officer at some point. And two: Fanny pack. There are literally thousands of them. This picture is basically nothing but pixels; that’s how I know it’s been modified. Plus, there’s just no way somebody ejects 20 goddamn feet from impact. Life isn’t that dramatic. Also, you’re telling me somebody snapped that exact frame the very instant a fighter jet starts breakdancing on the tarmac? Way too convenient. Oh, and finally: If this were real, why would the pilot eject that late? What kind of hardass sumbitch hangs on that long? Unless that jet was made by Knight Industries and talked like KITT from Knight Rider allowing both man and machine to develop a long standing bond over many years of thwarting smugglers and spies together there’s not a pilot alive who’d try that hard to save their plane. Why, one second
    wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet later and he’d be.

    Yeah, there. The craziest part? That little dude up there survived. That’s not just laughing in the face of death; that’s cumming on it after a night of filthy passion and promising to call later (but not).

    Disappointing Fire TornadoImage thanks to Mezrin

    And here we have an angry old testament God practicing his fireballs. One could be forgiven for seeing this and thinking "badass, fire tornado!" But that’s not why this picture is on this particular list. No, it’s here because of the fireman. Look closely:

    He is, if anything, a bit disappointed. That posture is not the one you adopt right before screaming "watch out guys, fire tornado!" or "holy shit magic is real and it’s being used on me!" or even just "that was unexpected." That is the posture one adopts right before muttering "no, no it’s okay I guess. It’s my fault really: I’ve been hearing so much about this ‘twister of pure, hellish fire’ thing for so long I guess I just expected it to be, I don’t know, impressive."

    Epic Beard Rescue Squad, Go!

    Unlike the previous photo, this picture is nothing but questions: Namely, what Middle Eastern army is employing old timey pirates? Why is that magnificent bearded motherfucker wearing headphones? What is he listening to? And
    cheap michael kors most importantly, what are they running from? Luckily, I have answers. In order, they are: The awesome kind, because this shit gets boring when it’s your 9 to 5; Whitney Houston’s cover of "I Will Always Love You" from the smash hit The Bodyguard (for atmosphere); and those cows look an ungodly level of pissed off.Articles Connexes:

    Articles Connexes:

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    Otay Ranch senior sticking with it

    Danielle McAvenia has transitioned to playing defense in roller hockey after skating as a forward her first three years in high school at Otay Ranch High.

    Sean M. Haffey / UNION TRIBUNE

    Share PhotoDanielle McAvenia has transitioned to playing defense in roller hockey after skating as a forward her first
    discount Michael Kors three years in high school at Otay Ranch High.

    Sean M. Haffey / UNION TRIBUNEChula Vista Danielle McAvenia definitely has hockey hair.

    However, unlike some of her male counterparts, who appear to have "regulation" hockey mullets flowing from beneath their helmets, she has the long
    wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet locks of a typical teenage girl.

    The pink laces gracing her skates are another story, though.

    "When I beat someone, I want to remind them they just got beat by a girl," said McAvenia, a senior defenseman for Otay Ranch High.

    Mustangs coach Adrian Rodriguez said the 5 foot 8 McAvenia has the size and strength to hold her own against mostly male opposition.

    "I’ve had her for four years and she’s improved tremendously," Rodriguez said. "I’m not afraid to put her out there in any situation. I’ve seen what she can
    cheap Michael kors handbags outlet do and I count on her a lot."

    Despite a switch to defense this season
    Michael Kors handbags outlet after playing forward her first three years in high school, McAvenia has
    Michael Kors handbags made
    cheap Michael kors handbags outlet a smooth transition from scoring goals to helping keep pucks out of her own net.

    "There’s a trust I have in her," Rodriguez said. "She controls the puck and knows exactly what I want from her out there."

    McAvenia’s roller hockey roots were planted by happenstance in third grade.

    "I had a friend whose games I would go watch," McAvenia said. "It looked really fun and entertaining. No other sport combines all the elements it takes to play hockey."

    The game provides a channel for her athletic aggressiveness.

    "I look for contact," McAvenia said.

    Tennis, which she played briefly, didn’t cut it with McAvenia, who will be suiting up this spring for the Mustangs lacrosse team.

    It was McAvenia’s grandfather Rolando Santos who taught young Danielle to skate.

    "Now, he wishes he hadn’t," she
    fake Michael kors handbags outlet said, with a laugh. "He’s worried I’ll get hurt."

    No such reservations from Danielle’s father, John McAvenia.

    "I enjoy watching her hold her own out there
    discount Michael Kors with the guys," he said. "It’s rewarding to see her still playing at this level."

    Her father said Danielle was bigger than many boys she played against at a younger age, which helped her excel. When she reached high school, though, he was concerned about what might happen once the boys caught up in size.Articles Connexes:

    Articles Connexes:

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