Flights from Miami to Iceland in April

Flights from Miami to Iceland in April

99 Flights from Miami to Iceland in April

Contact Us,Living in a tropical paradise sometimes gets boring. When the summer wall of humidity hits Miami in May, pretty much nobody enjoys being outdoors here. Breathing cheap jerseys begins to feel like gasping for air through a wet washcloth.

Thankfully, Miamians will be able to get far out of town for cheap next summer: Beginning in April 2017, the Icelandic budget airline WOW Air will offer transatlantic flights from Miami International Airport to Reykjavik, Iceland, for $99 one way. From its home base in Iceland, the airline offers $150 connecting flights to a host of European capitals, such as Berlin, Amsterdam, and London.

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But judging from WOW’s marketing materials, it appears the airline is pushing its new flight route mostly as a boon to European travelers who want to get out to the New World rather than the other way around:

For Europeans, airlines like WOW are old hat at this point. As any American study abroad student knows, companies like EasyJet and RyanAir offer flights between European capitals for the price of a bus ticket. But like the much maligned, Miramar based Spirit, those airlines demand the monetary equivalent of your firstborn child if you check your bags or ask for a bottle of water.

Though the new flight routes are a bit less politically exciting than commercial flights to Cuba, at least you get to fly to Iceland in a rad looking purple plane.

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