Technology Matters

Technology Matters

Technology Matters

“Photopills” is made for landscapes. It has the ability to tell users the best times of day to shoot based on location. Perfect for if you want the brightest part of the day or the warm glow of a setting sun. The app offers a slew of options. You can calculate exposures, depth of field and much more. It not cheap. Nine 99 for cheap jerseys iOS.

“Photogene” is a full featured photo editor. It perfect for fall colors because users can do so much with the app. You can crop, straighten and adjust colors. Sharpen, retouch and more. Users can also store photos easily to cloud based storage like Dropbox or post to Facebook, Twitter and more. If you don want to mess with adjustments, just use one of the many presets. The app is one 99 for iOS.

The “Perfectly Clear” app makes up for what a phone camera lacks. It does this by applying 18 so called automatic corrections to photos. The developers of Perfectly Clear say it like having a top level digital camera in your pocket all the time. It is perfect for an unexpected display of fall colors in just the right sunlight. It has features such as panorama, and the ability to brighten up photos. The app is two 99 for Android.

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