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This is because an aggressive male would A) have a tendency to be a threat to his own offspring in nature, some primate females tend to drive the male away after birth and B) not stick around after birth but begin to seek out new females to impregnate. (In nature, the more babies a male makes, the more that are apt to survive and perpetuate his DNA and the species.) Of course, after a while, the male’s testosterone begins to rise again, but by that point, if all goes well, other emotional bonds develop plus the assurance of regular sex to keep him around. As a sidenote, one of the reasons you tend to see higher rates of child abuse by stepfathers is because, as the male was not around during the pregnancy and birth, his testosterone does not go down.

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Modern slavery occurs when people are vulnerable, either because of legal status, poverty, mental health, or drug and alcohol problems. In our research, the most common victims were those from countries such as Romania and Bulgaria who, at the time, were able to enter the country but were unable to work legally. This vulnerability was exploited by perpetrators who were able to coerce them into working in highly exploitative situations.

With fuel prices accounting for as much as 30 per cent of industry costs, the dramatic drop in oil prices in past years had a positive impact on airlines’ bottom line. However, the benefits are expected to begin to trail off over the next two years as fuel prices are forecast to rise, driving up industry costs. Oil prices have already risen significantly from their lows and are projected to average US$54 in 2017, up from US$43 last year..

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