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Steve Jobs and the Value of a Good Prank

Steve Wozniak, or as he is commonly called, is best known for co founding Apple along with high school friend Steve Jobs. But Wozniak didn set out to establish one of the world most influential computer companies. His goal early in life was to be an engineer and a lifelong employee of Hewlett Packard and to have enough spare time to tinker with electronic gadgets.

It was that desire to design clever electronic devices that led to many of Wozniak early inventions. Berkeley in 1971, Wozniak read an Esquire Magazine article on the phreaks who illicitly cheap jerseys china explored the telephone network. He figured out how to build his own electronic box to generate the tones required to make free long distance phone calls. In 1973, he started the first hotline in the San Francisco Bay Area out of cheap jerseys his home, telling all the jokes himself. While working at Hewlett Packard, Wozniak continued to design electronic devices in his spare time, and in 1975 created the first personal computer that used a keyboard for input and displayed characters on a television screen. Wozniak would demonstrate his new computing device at meetings of like minded Silicon Valley electronics hobbyists known as the Homebrew Computer Club. Too shy to give a public presentation of his work, Wozniak would show his engineering feats in informal conversations following the meetings.

Wozniak early entrepreneurial ventures were closely intertwined with the activities of his wholesale jerseys high school friend and current Apple CEO Steve Jobs. It was Jobs, four and a half years younger than Wozniak, who suggested the two sell Wozniak box device to students in the dorms at Berkeley. While Jobs was working at Atari, he persuaded Wozniak to design the arcade game Breakout (and, in a story recounted in Wozniak autobiography, iWoz, reportedly misled Wozniak about the amount of the payment they were to split). And most famously, it was Jobs who realized that rather than merely sharing the schematics of Wozniak early designs for a personal computer with fellow hobbyists, they could assemble the components on a printed circuit board and sell a complete computer which, following funding from former Intel executive Mike Markkula, led to the founding of Apple Computer in 1976.

While he officially remains an Apple employee, Wozniak involvement in the company today is relatively minor. Berkeley to complete his degree in electrical engineering.

In the years following, Wozniak sponsored two Woodstock like music festivals known as the US Festivals in 1982 and 1983, taught computing to grade school students, and devoted much of his time and money to philanthropic activities. His current interests include playing Segway polo that is, playing polo while riding the Segway Personal Transporter in lieu of a horse.

Wozniak was awarded the National Medal of Technology by the President of the United States in 1985, was inducted into the cheap jerseys from china Inventors Hall of Fame in 2000, and received the Heinz Award in Technology, the Economy and Employment in 2001.

In 2006, Wozniak published iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It, about his life before, during and after Apple. An edited version of that conversation follows. I wanted to be like my dad. I go to where he worked and see him hook up wires and get signals to appear on screen.

But I wasn sure I was cut out for that. And then about third grade my mom practiced flash cards with me in the kitchen. [In] school, we had a multiplication test and I beat the girls. And the teacher said that was really strange. So I started thinking, I good at math. was probably the first time I can remember thinking, there something I good at. From reading iWoz one gets the sense that you were an entrepreneur rather than someone who set out to found a company.

Wozniak: I was very skilled at a certain kind of computer design. I could just do magic that other people couldn do. I knew I build a computer when it was possible. That year [1975] was the year it was possible.

As far as starting a company no, I was so happy with my job [as an engineer at Hewlett Packard]. I could have been an engineer for the rest of my life, had enough income to be happy and designed things in my spare time.

That was what drove me. I wanted to show off my design techniques and help the world get to this big, revolutionary point. What about pranks fascinates you so much?

Wozniak: I don know. Some people go to comedy clubs, some watch sitcoms, some watch comedy movies. It just feels good when you laugh!

I like cleverness, too it very much like creativity.

I admire people when they think of unusual things other people wouldn have thought of. But even [when you repeating a joke you heard, it makes people laugh.

I grew up at a time when there was no political correctness in jokes. I told Polish jokes on the first dial a joke ever in the Bay Area.

And then the world started saying, criticize people of certain nationalities. Don stereotype. And then it moved [to]: even mention their name even if you don criticize them in any way don mention a word. have always felt the laughter and humor you generate in people almost always outweigh the negative of a person who feels offended whether rightly so or not. A lot of my old pranks and jokes are forbidden in today schools. The schools underwent this big [change where] the kids cannot do [anything] random, outside the rules, outside the pages in the book. They can be that individualistic.

In California we [have] so little money for schools. And when you don have much money, you have to have large classes and you don have enough teachers to allow the kids to randomly go in the directions that they made by God or by nature to go.

If you imagine something beyond the boundaries you can see like future products or space travel you get taught from an early age, is disallowed. You have to do it secretly on your own.

Allowing some level of mild pranks with a rule that it not going to harm anyone would be a good policy.

I [did] that in my own computer classes with young kids. If you could get on to someone else computer and hide things from them and get them all excited, it was okay as long as you could restore it easily. And they never once disobeyed that rule in eight years.

Wozniak: Exactly. Humor is closely related to the creativity and invention that we born with. It that spirit of thinking out something a little bit different making up your own jokes.

Wozniak: We were very similar in certain ways, like the values [we had] as we grew up in our high school. We were both leaning towards the counter culture. Steve was more a part of it and I was more mainstream feet on the ground, none of these drugs and all that.Articles Connexes:

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